Sunseeker Superhawk 50 – fast and classy Sunseeker

Sunseeker Superhawk 50 is a perfect example of an absolutely classic Sunseeker boat of a great performance and timeless design. If this ship lands in an anchorage, you may be positive that people would stare. The Sunseeker Superhawk 50 is definitely a dream of every yachtsman who loves fast, sporty and elegant boats.

The origin of the Sunseeker shipyards goes back to 1969 when the company was founded by Braithwaite brothers in the docks of Poole in the south of England. Since then, the company has been growing and became a symbol of classy stylish motor yachts of a high performance and a typical silhouette. Also, the brand is considered the guarantee of British quality and it is appreciated by many boat lovers, not only in the UK but globally.


Sunseeker Superhawk 50 – “fast and furious” boat

One of the globally appreciated yachts is the Sunseeker Superhawk 50, small, sharp and fast, powerful yacht with classical lines. And by fast, I mean super fast, because this Sunseekers cruising speed is about 50 knots (but it can even go up to 60) which is approximately a bit more than 90 kph. This speed is enabled by three strong diesel engines and a very good construction, based on the hull made of very resistant fiberglass.

Once you sit in the cockpit and set the engines at full speed, you will enjoy a fast, yet safe ride. By pushing all three gearboxes you can change this lean Sunseeker into a racing boat within a few seconds. The responsive controls guarantee safety and easy steering in all conditions. The dashboard is made of carbon fibre and the cockpit also includes soft and comfy leather seats, which will be appreciated, if you get kicked back into them when you increase the speed to the maximum.

Keep it fast, but stay surrounded by luxury and style

The Sunseeker Superhawk is smaller than a typical Sunseeker yacht – its length is about 15,9 metres and the beam is approximately 325 centimetres high, but it may vary with regard to manufacturing year of a specific boat.

The yacht is equipped with two or three cabins and the maximum number of passengers is 8, which is enough for gentlemen-only weekend or a relaxing week with your wife or even a family holiday. However, the maximum number of people on board depends on arrangement of a specific boat.

A minimalist appearance from the outside hides a surprisingly spacious interior. Thanks to air conditioning and luxurious design, the feelings you will get inside of the boat are almost the same as if you were aboard a private jet airplane. Cabins are made with classy wooden paneling of high quality polished cherry wood in combination with a leather ceiling. The furniture is stylish, but also practical and cleverly placed within minimal space. The seats are made of the finest white or cream leather and everything inside the boat is simple, with a touch of British sense of style and manufactured with skill and emphasis on details.

Its external lines are also very refined and stylish, not missing the black painted hull and a typical Sunseeker logo.

This line had been sold out for many years, but now it is no longer produced – fortunately, there is a possibility to buy older, used one, still in a good condition.

If you look for something affordable, but still impressive, the classic and fast cabin cruiser Sunseeker Superhawk 50, is a perfect choice for you. This ship will overwhelm you with its clear style, breath-taking speed, and comfort and it will serve you well for all the journeys you take it on.