Sunseeker 60 – predator among yachts

Sunseeker Predator 60 is another fancy, yet powerful motor yacht from the family of famous Sunseeker yachts. The important things this yacht can offer are performance, comfort, and style. Its shape is really predator like, expressing unlimited power, highest speed and undeniable elegance with its sharp lines. If you are courageous enough to tame this beast among motor yachts, do not hesitate, make it yours and cruise the ocean with this yacht of unexpected luxury, hidden inside of its lean and aerodynamic exterior.

Talking about performance, Sunseeker 60 travels at the speed of about 46 kph, which is regular cruising speed. However, the maximal speed it can reach is 61 kph. It is possible thanks to two perfectly working, strong diesel engines, resistant fiberglass hull and responsive controls, enabling easy and safe steering of the yacht in any condition.


Sunseeker 60 – another elegant and stylish member of the Sunseeker family

Predators proportions are designed to be practical, but also to give the passengers enough of the necessary comfort. The overall length of the vessel is 19,91 m and the beam is 5,16 metres. Together with the clever organization of the space, this makes the Sunseeker 60 spacious, yet fast and handy at the same time.

It should be mentioned that the Predator is not the only Sunseeker 60. Sunseeker family also contains another, going by the name Sunseeker Manhattan 60. Both models are very similar, but they differ in some details. This article is, however, focused on the Predator.

Sunseeker is a company specialized in building high-level motor yachts with an excellent reputation all over the world. The business was founded by Braithwaite brothers in Pool, in the south of England. Since the beginning, they launched many yacht lines, and their work became a synonym for style and exquisite artisan quality not only in the yachting world but also in popular culture.

When it comes to the classic style, you won’t be disappointed anywhere aboard the Sunseeker 60. Once you step on its deck, you will understand, why are people talking about all that luxury and comfort of the Sunseeker ships. The high-quality leather upholstery, the interior made of the finest glossy wood, functional entertainment system, smartly placed furniture and comfy beds – all this may be found inside the Sunseeker 60.

Clever layout for your comfortable cruising

There are three bedroom cabins, kitchen with dining area and other facilities necessary to ensure you and other passengers a comfortable cruise, almost like if you were in a hotel. Dining table, together with entertainment facilities, is placed on the main deck, while the bedrooms, kitchen and a little snug with couches are located on the lower deck. You may also relax on the large sun pads or easily access the water from a little platform in the back of the ship.

Sunseeker Predator 60 can be found in two versions, with either hard top or open roof. Version with the open roof can offer pretty nice views when you’re drinking on the open sea in the middle of the night or eating your meal on couches in the operational cabin.

Another important detail is that the Predator contains air-conditioning, present throughout the whole vessel.  It ensures stable and pleasant temperature inside the boat, especially in the hot, summer days. The Sunseeker Predator 60 is graceful and sporty “must-have” for every passionate yachtsman, who wishes to be pampered in luxury and style, but also to feel the freedom of cruising on open seas.