Sunseeker 28m – Looking For Perfection

The worldwide popularity of Sunseeker 28m yacht is given by several factors. This boat became true classics because it offers all customers the perfect combination of fast, aggressive design of the Predator class and of the luxury and comfort typical of superyachts. Altogether with top-quality manufacturing, great care to the detail and superb design, it makes Sunseeker 28m primary choice for many customers in Europe, America, Australia, South Africa and other places all around the globe. This 28-metre masterpiece by Sunseeker is favourited by many.

Sunseeker 28m – The Design At Its Best

You can be sure that you will love the design of this shining jewel in the Sunseeker´s crown. Its success lies in the fact that the design combines the best of both worlds. It is daring and aggressive but very elegant at the same time. It looks super-modern but you will find it extremely practical and you will be surprised how spacious it really is.


Bow deck, as well as the stern deck, contains comfortable seating space, which will allow you to enjoy the cruise in the best possible way. Also, the flybridge perfectly fits the superb design with its high level of both comfort and functionality. In Sunseeker 28m, the luxury unites with practicality and functionality.


An Expression Of Uniqueness

Every yacht owner wants the boat to express his personality. Sunseeker has this in mind and you can be sure that Sunseeker 28m will speak clear and loud. This boat reflects the privileged position and exceptionality of yacht owner like no other.


Whether you will be enjoying a romantic cruise, an adventurous vacation or you will be working on board, this 28-meter Sunseeker will support you with its practicality and at the same time, it will be expressing your story to the world.