Sunseeker 28 Metre Yacht – Best Way How To Spend A Vacation

When people decide to spend their holiday on a yacht, Sunseeker 28 metre boat is a great choice. With 28 metres of length, it can easily accommodate up to eight guests and four crew members. Therefore, it is suitable for groups or large families.

Cruises along beautiful coasts will be loved by all participants. You can be sure that such vacation will be remembered for a long time. The combination of the beauty of nature or coastal towns and cities with the luxury of Sunseeker´s most famous yacht will allow you to experience something unique.


Unforgettable Cruise Onboard Sunseeker 28 Metre

Whether your holiday cruise will take place along the romantic Croatian coast or you will be enjoying wild parties in lively resorts of Florida, you and your group will be amazed by the practicality of the design. With large and cleverly placed windows area, you will not lose a single one of all magnificent views waiting for you along the whole cruise.

One of the main reasons for the broad popularity of the class of 28 metres long Sunseeker yachts is the spacious interior. Thanks to it, you and your guests will be feeling very comfortable at any time.

Exceptional yacht for exceptional holiday cruise

For many people, it was love at the first sight with Sunseeker 28m. The design reflects the long tradition of the company but it also indicates clearly that Sunseeker is always in the frontline of using the cutting-edge technology within the manufacturing process of its products.

Sunseeker 28m is the true classics, it is exceptional in the terms of design and parameters. It is definitely the best choice for the holiday cruise with close friends or your family. This yacht will offer you the unprecedented level of luxury and you will get the rest you deserve.