Snseeker 28m – Eternal Classics

Sunseeker 28m yacht is the iconic boat which can be seen cruising the sea all around the world. Sunseeker has built the yacht which offers spacious and elegant interior, big windows providing phenomenal view or prime-quality manufacturing. The sunpads on the foredeck and other resting areas provide the perfect opportunity for the romantic dinner or lively party under the once-in-a-lifetime sceneries that can be seen only on the sea.


It is no coincidence that this Sunseeker´s 28-metre yacht is still considered to be an etalon of the superbly built boat offering the highest level of comfort and the best experience.


Sunseeker 28m – An Expression of Your Uniqueness

According to the best tradition of Sunseeker brand, the 28-metre model reflects both the long tradition of the company and our passion for the state of the art technologies. With the prime quality and luxury, the boat clearly states her owner´s uniqueness and the eliteness.

Legendary design, exquisite craftsmanship and cutting edge technology make Sunseeker 28m the first choice for many yachting enthusiasts and lovers of the luxury at sea all around the world. Buying a yacht is no ordinary business as it is the expression of yourself. That is why so many people choose Sunseeker.


Sunseeker´s Masterpiece

No yacht excelling in one parameter but average in others can earn the status of legend. Sunseeker 28m is the perfect combination of all characteristics which makes this boat an ideal choice in the category of medium-sized yachts. With 28 meters of length, 29 knots of maximum speed and range up to 400 nautical miles, you can hardly get any better boat if you take into account the flawless design, spacious interior, highest standards of safety or the level of luxury. Great attention is paid to every detail within the manufacturing process and the Sunseeker 28´s worldwide success is the prove that it is the right way.