Predator yacht – a predator by Sunseeker

The Predator yacht is one of the models from the famous yacht building company: Sunseeker. Its full name is The Sunseeker Predator 60. This predator will overwhelm you with its combination of luxury and comfort, sleek and timeless design typical for all of the members of the “Sunseeker family”, great performance and its technical excellence.

The Sunseeker Predator 60 is a real predator among the yachts. Its external lines are sharp, courageous and even sporty, however, the inside of this little beast hides the exquisite cabins furnished with all necessary facilities and entertainment systems needed in order to provide the highest level of comfort while cruising.

Predator-like is also the size of the vessel. With the length of 19,91 m and the beam of 5,16 metres, the Sunseeker Predator 60 is small and handy, but spacious enough at the same time.

The cruising speed of this predator yacht is 23 knots, which is approximately 46 kph. However, if you sit down in the comfy leather seats and set the engines to their maximum, you can reach the speed of 34 knots, equal to 61 kph.

The aerodynamic shape, strong fiberglass hull, two diesel engines and sensitive controls – all the things needed to make this little predator maximally safe, fast, and trouble-free.


Predator yacht offers all the comfort you need

If you think about comfort, there is no need to be concerned. Cruising in this classical Sunseeker boat can be described as staying in luxury floating hotel.

In the lower deck, three cabins with single or double beds are situated. There are also two bathrooms. The ship is suitable for approximately six people. Plus, in the lower deck, you may also find a cozy snug with couches and a kitchen area.

The main deck is mostly intended for relaxing and social activities. It provides a large sitting space with a dining table. But there’s more, this area also includes a small wet bar, little fridge and a hot plate, so you can make your guests a nice meal.

The cockpit is equipped with a set of comfy leather seats. The Sunseeker Predator 60 is available either with a hard or open roof, which can give your dinner a new dimension.

High-quality motor yacht for your perfect free time

For the ones who love sunbathing, there are several well-positioned sun pads for use. However, if you prefer more active spending of your free time, you can just enjoy swimming in the water, easily accessible from the bathing platform made of teak wood with a practical swim ladder. And if you are even more into sports, why not to go jet skiing or canoeing? There is a small garage for all the equipment you need to never get bored while cruising on this predator.

In the hot summer days, you will definitely appreciate the air-conditioning throughout the whole vessel.

As the Sunseeker brand is the symbol of high-quality motor yacht s with exquisite, yet simple design, you will enjoy its famous luxury and style even more in this beautiful predator yacht. The inside is carefully manufactured with emphasis for every detail. Glossy wooden panelling, the finest leather upholstery, stylish but functional furniture, all of these are necessary parts of this yacht.

If you want to tame this predator yacht, comfortable and stylish, but also suitable for every adventure, do not hesitate and become the “predator” as well. The Sunseeker 60 will reward you with great holidays, unforgettable cruises and uncountable joyful moments with your friends or family.