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In 1969, Robert and John Braithwaite were two brothers with a dream – to create a boat to surpass anything made before. That same year, the Braithwaites built the first Sunseeker. It was the seed of a whole
new world. Steadily and surely, the brothers grew their business from their small shipyard in Poole on the south coast of England. Always seeking better boat building techniques, each craft became more ambitious, more
creative – and consequently more successful – than the last.
Now, 50 years on, Sunseeker International has over 80 dealerships networked around the world, delivering over 150 boats a year globally.

When the Braithwaite brothers started up the engine of a small, open-cockpit speedboat in 1969, it wasn’t just the Hostess 17 that roared into life. It was a new standard of yacht making. Today, their passion to exceed boundaries is as strong as ever before, brought to life by a team of over 2,000 highly skilled designers, engineers and master craftsmen. Bold new creations like Sunseeker 28 yacht keep Sunseeker’s standards ever further, year upon year. The flagship Sunseeker 28 Yacht is the epitome of Sunseeker’s tireless precision and attention to detail. It is this ceaseless desire to always excel in every detail that gives each Sunseeker yacht its vital presence, performance and luxury.

Intelligent innovation is the philosophy that rules to everything that Sunseeker creates. That is why the Sunseeker has become the only manufacturer to produce a luxury yacht range from 50 to 155ft under one name. Sunseeker’s in-house design team, still steadfastly guided by John Braithwaite, is at the vanguard of marine design, technology and engineering excellence. It is a dream team with the incomparable vision, confidence and skill to continually innovate Sunseeker design - to create ever more thrilling experiences and adventures. Invention for inspiration. It is the simple reason why customers the world over await the next Sunseeker with such anticipation.

It is a landmark that signals a bold new age for Sunseeker. A milestone that measures the sheer breadth of Sunseeker’s range of exceptional yachts, built upon a heritage of innovation and craftsmanship spanning 50 years. On 9th of September 2015, Sunseeker held an exclusive celebration at Cannes Yachting Festival to recognise the delivery of their 100th luxury performance yacht in the 100ft+ superyacht category. It was the summer of 2000 that Sunseeker first launched a model over 100ft long – the unforgettable 105 Yacht, which went on to win two of the world’s most prestigious accolades in the International Superyacht Design awards. It was the first step in their journey to become a major player in the superyacht sector. Amazingly, it has taken just 15 years to reach Sunseeker’s newest milestone. Today, Sunseeker produce around seven 100ft+ yachts every year. Sunseekers range now encompasses boats from the powerful 101 Sport Yacht to the majestic flagship Sunseeker 28 Meters Yacht, with a world of bespoke options in between. And of course Sunseeker is always seeking more. With each new creation, a new best is born. Blending cutting-edge technology with traditional handcraft to create yachts that inspire and delight.

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The best yacht ever

The Sunseeker 28 Metre Yacht will not only thrill but also inspire. Spacious, elegant and practical, the interior is superbly attractive and benefits from exquisite craftsmanship and cutting-edge design. Wraparound glazing and full height windows give you uninterrupted panoramic views through an optional drop down saloon balcony, while the dining area benefits from ultra-modern surroundings and clever use of space.

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